SAgE Strategic Plan: Strategies & Priorities

The USDA-funded Farm and Ranch Stress Assistance Network (FRSAN) is divided into four geographic regions of the U.S.: Northeast, North Central, West, and South. Each region must provide a farm stress telephone helpline and website; offer training support, workshops, and support groups; and provide outreach services and activities, including the dissemination of information and materials. 

How each region approaches those broad goals is up to the awarded institution or entity. The Southern Ag Exchange Network’s leadership team laid out a framework to guide the work of relieving farm stress across the southern region—all of which is undergirded by principles of inclusion and accessibility so that all farmers, ranchers, and agricultural workers will benefit.

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Funding Acknowledgements: USDA-NIFA Farm and Ranch Stress Assistance Network Award # 2020-70028-32730

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