School-based Agricultural Educators’ Knowledge of Farm Stressors and Suicide Warning Signs


Limited access to health resources and suicide-related training in rural areas, coupled with a stigma often associated with mental health, lead to an enhanced need to identify opportunities for creating sustainable practices to identify and support those in crisis. School-based agricultural education (SBAE) teachers frequently reside in rural communities; many also are farmers. Simultaneously, given the frequency and type of outreach as well as relationships SBAE teachers have in their communities, these individuals are well-positioned to recognize struggles and respond. Additionally, the teachers can help mitigate negative associations by creating a conversation in their communities. Dr. Mosley will share results from a study conducted by a multi-state research team that involved SBAE teachers from 13 states and two territories in the Southern Region and discuss implications for practice and next steps to further support for these non-formal community leaders.


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Funding Acknowledgements: USDA-NIFA Farm and Ranch Stress Assistance Network Award # 2020-70028-32730

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