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Farm Stress Brief Series

The Farm Stress Brief Series is a peer-reviewed publication housed at the University of Tennessee Institute of Agriculture and is funded by the USDA-NIFA Farm and Ranch Stress Assistance Network (# 2020-70028-32730). 

The objective of the Farm Stress Brief Series is to provide a venue for reports on research and programming that centers the risk factors, barriers to care, and strategies to address farm stress. 

These reports are evidence to support work being undertaken by a multitude of stakeholders to reduce farm stress and the risk of farmer suicide. 

Understanding farm stress systematically, arising from economic, social, political, cultural, biophysical, and environmental causes, we accept submissions from an interdisciplinary community of scholars and practitioners.

Published Briefs

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Click on the brief titles at the right to read the full briefs, see related infographics, and get behind the research with author Q&As.

Interested in Creating & Submitting a Brief to us? Click for submission form, style guidelines for length and formatting, with a template for easy use. 

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Editorial Board & Participating Editors

Dr. Heather Sedges - Managing Editor
Dr. Andrew R. Smolski - Coordinating Editor

Tesha Humphrey - Editorial Specialist
Dr. Chaney Mosley - Participating Editor
Dr. Emily Paskewitz - Participating Editor

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Funding Acknowledgements: USDA-NIFA Farm and Ranch Stress Assistance Network Award # 2020-70028-32730

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